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Our Story

As Africa Agriculture we believe in an ever-booming agricultural industry and we also know and appreciate the fact that agricultural production on a greater note depends on sustainable agricultural practices, quality seeds, and an empowered community that has the skills and knowledge that’s why on the other hand we embrace the philosophy that enables communities to stand on their own and that is innovative and productive agricultural farming that relies on greatly on certified seeds and reliable markets. ‘Where the youth own their future’ through the innovative agricultural and entrepreneurial skills that that we offer.

What We Do

Economic Empowerment & poverty reduction

Economic empowerment of mainly the youth and women through agriculture is the major cause of our existence. We strive to always be the best solution to most young people in as far agricultural enterprise development is concerned, focusing on equipping, motivating and empowering them with agricultural entrepreneurial skills

Empowering and SME’s in Africa

Community development is also at our heart as we work hand in hand with our communities in Malawi specifically Lilongwe empowering them with quality seeds thereby improving their Small-scale enterprises with bumper and quality yield mostly horticultural crops.

Women, Empowerment & Gender Development

Women face a lot of hardships in the era of HIV and unemployment. Most women continue to be subjected to wife battering, sexual based gender violence, inheritance and economic deprivation.

Youth empowerment and agricultural entrepreneurial skills Development

Africa Agriculture’s programs are also youth based and looked at the plight of school leavers and the vulnerable girls. We had always wanted to find a way of empowering youth through education sponsorship so that they grow to be independent and stand on their own.

Our values

Commercial Sense: We earn the right to exist and grow by generating revenue on our services.

Integrity: We earn trust from our customers and business partners through our competence, transparency and honesty in our business dealings. 

Excellent Customer service: We believe that customer service is a life blood of our business; our team of professionals are dedicated to amaze our customers and not just to satisfy them.

Team Work: We believe in working collaboratively within teams in order to achieve common goals more efficiently.

Innovation: We believe that innovation is the product of thinking; when all employees, competitors, partners and other stakeholders think alike then no one is thinking

Our Mission & Approach


Improved livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable agricultural practices and entrepreneurship and a better Nation with empowered youth where the different entrepreneurial skills present them with great opportunities and possibilities.


To promote ending poverty through innovations in sustainable agriculture and rural enterprises through capacity development.

Our Impact over the years


  • Campaigns 82% 82%
  • Research & Development 10% 10%
  • Management 6% 6%
  • Organization Growth 2% 2%


  • Campaigns 74% 74%
  • Research & Development 12% 12%
  • Management 10% 10%
  • Organization Growth 4% 4%


  • Campaigns 84% 84%
  • Research & Development 14% 14%
  • Management 6% 6%
  • Organization Growth 2% 2%


  • Campaigns 80% 80%
  • Research & Development 15% 15%
  • Management 5% 5%
  • Organization Growth 0% 0%

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